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Not sure about committing to a significant tech upgrade? Concerned about how the numbers stack up? We hear you.

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, Maxime Solutions is able to tap into the acclaimed IBM Global Financing Programme.  This gives us the power to offer superb value finance deals across our suite of products – hardware, software and services included – so clients can spread the cost of their investment over time.  In many cases, IBM finance options are more cost effective than traditional bank credit – and can even be interest free.

Finance isn’t just about budgeting though. As well as taking advantage of lower costs, our clients find they unlock a host of benefits that can help boost competitiveness over time.

  • Capital advantage: By financing your IT investment you have not paid out all in one go. This preserves cash and retains your access to traditional credit lines. Great news if you are planning other investments or need funds to take advantage of business opportunities that come your way.
  • Lower costs, better ROI: Finance packages are flexible, so you are able to decide the term and payment parameters. This makes investment easier on your pocket and allows you to match costs closer to the expected benefits… ultimately improving your ROI.
  • Up to date: IT technology is constantly evolving. With finance you can protect yourself against obsolescence as deals can be structured to allow upgrade during, or at the end of, their payment period.

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