Computer Systems Buyback


Don’t be fooled into thinking that old IT is worthless. Maxime Solutions customers can continue to benefit from their unwanted equipment by taking advantage of our best-in-class buyback (computer brokerage) initiative for mid-range and IBM hardware.

When you purchase from us, we will always ask if you have working redundant technology to dispose of – and although we are IBM experts, we will offer competitive buyback deals on all major manufacturer’s hardware that still has a value.

We are able to do this thanks to our market-leading knowledge of the second-user market – another attribute that really sets us apart from other IT suppliers.

Of course, offsetting the proceeds from any sale of unwanted legacy hardware makes your dealing with Maxime Solutions even greater value, meaning you can maximise your upgrade and keep your bank manager happy.

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Our people.

Our team are all highly experienced in IBM technologies, from configuration to support and maintenance.

They are all accredited, helpful and motivated for your success.