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IBM Storwize Family

Relieve modern data storage capacity problems and boost oerformance without breaking the budget…

IBM Storwize Storage Overview

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise software, the IBM Storwize family provides hybrid solutions with common functionality, management and flexibility.

These products include built-in functions such as Real-time Compression and Easy Tier technology, which optimise flash and hard disk drives to deliver high performance and extraordinary levels of efficiency.

Available in a wide range of storage systems, the Storwize family delivers sophisticated capabilities that are easy to deploy, and help control costs for growing businesses.


  • Maxime can deliver on IBM’s Data Storage innovation,  helping to put your data to work
  • Maxime ensure a data-centric design to your Storage System.
  • Maxime have access to the full stack of IBM Storage Systems products and resources.
  • IBM Storage Systems can minimises data centre risk with secure delivery of data and services.
  • IBM Storage Systems from Maxime are built with innovation and expertise  that puts your data to work.

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IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 Disk Systems


  • Hardware Accelerated Real-time Compression: Reduce storage acquisition costs by using up to 80% less disk and flash capacity
  • File support: Consolidates block and file storage in a system for simplicity and greater efficiency (Storwize V7000 Unified only)
  • Active Cloud Engine: Enables highly-efficient policy-based management of files to reduce costs through use of tiered storage (Storwize V7000 Unified only)
  • Clustered systems: Ability for block systems to both scale up and out for performance and capacity
  • Deploy with confidence: Available IBM performance and capacity guarantees help you focus on your business, not your storage
  • Automated storage tiering with IBM Easy Tier: Advanced technology for automatically migrating data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns
  • IP replication: Reduces remote mirroring costs with innovative network optimisation
  • New generation GUI: Easy-to-use data management designed with a graphical user interface and point-and-click system management capabilities


One of IBM’s most successful storage platforms the IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified are now in their second generation with greatly improved performance and scalability thanks to IBM’s continual development and investment in the platform.

Storwize continues to break new ground thanks to it “Plays Well With Others” approach meaning that it suits multi-vendor environments and is a perfect marriage for converged deployments.

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise™ software, IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 provide the latest storage technologies for unlocking the business value of stored data, including virtualisation and Real-time Compression. In addition, the systems include a powerful hardware platform that can support the massive volumes of data created by today’s demanding cloud and analytics applications.

They are designed to deliver outstanding efficiency, ease of use and dependability for organisations of all sizes.

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IBM Storwize V5000

IBM Storwize V5000 benefits

  • Higher flexibility: Is easily customisable with flexible software options and three new models
  • Ease of use: Simplifies management with industry-leading graphical user interface
  • IBM Easy Tier®: Includes advanced technology for automatically migrating data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns
  • IBM Real-time Compression: Reduces storage acquisition costs by using up to 80% less disk and flash capacity
  • External virtualisation: Consolidates and provides IBM Storwize V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures
  • Replication over IP: Improves network utilisation for remote mirroring with innovative technology
  • IBM HyperSwap: Allows high-availability configurations for resilient virtualised environments
  • Clustered systems: Provides the ability for block systems to scale both up and out for performance and capacity
  • Integral part of VersaStack: Includes an integrated infrastructure solution jointly developed by IBM and Cisco to provide faster application and workload delivery, while maintaining efficiency and controlling costs


Now on its 2nd Generation the new IBM Storwize V5000 now has more tricks up it’s sleeve than ever before, with three different variants to chose from and the ability to upgrade from the entry model to the most performant box availble as and when required.

New IBM Storwize V5000, built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise software, includes a highly flexible, easy to use, hybrid storage solution that provides improved performance and enterprise support.

Storwize V5000 enables you to consolidate your existing infrastructure and add new functionality. With flexible licensing options and three new models, you can start with the solution that meets your data needs today and expand as your organisation grows.

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IBM Storwize all-flash storage systems V7000F and V5000F


The Storwize V5000 and V7000 models have always been flash ready, the ability to mix spinning disk with IBM’s Flash Drives to vastly increase the performance has been possible since the product range was first introduced. For the last few years IBM’s primary response to projects requiring the performance of Flash was to position a product from the FlashSystem family, more recently the continually improving economics of Flash have allowed Flash drives to become the performance drive of choice and in many cases replacing the need for 15K Hard Drives, this shift means we now see more and more Storwize deployments where the shelves are filled with Flash Drives. The V5000F and V7000F are IBM’s answer to this trend providing true flash performance and positioning this for entry and midrange opportunities.


  • Improve your business agility with flash storage and unique heterogeneous data services
  • Optimise data economics with a powerful combination of flash and storage virtualisation
  • Accelerate critical business insight with all-flash performance that accelerates core application response times
  • Improve utilization and efficiency with support for almost 400 different storage systems
  • Drive down total cost of ownership with all-flash solutions that provide all the operational cost advantages plus dramatically reduced price per GB


Today’s organizations need to meet ever-changing demands for storage while also improving data economics. IT staff must deliver more services faster and more efficiently, enable real-time insight and support more customer interaction. Better than ever before, all-flash storage solutions from IBM® Storwize® can meet your requirements for fast, reliable and consistent access to data with extraordinary affordability.

The IBM Storwize family offers IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM Storwize V5030F solutions as all-flash, virtualised, enterprise-class storage systems designed to deliver high performance combined with advanced management functions and competitive pricing.

Application workloads vary dramatically from one business to the next, and even among various groups or organizations within a single company. Many organizations have data sets and resulting storage requirements that might be described as midsized. Quite often these same organizations labour under limited IT budgets.

The IBM Storwize family is designed specifically to meet the unique data storage requirements of business groups or organizations with midsized application workloads and constrained IT budgets but that need storage with all the features and capabilities demanded in the largest of enterprise environments.

21st century organizations with midsized application workloads and limited budgets are seeking to gain competitive advantage from the data assets available to them. The IBM Storwize family provides especially powerful solutions for these organizations. With comprehensive storage services and virtualisation capabilities based on market-leading IBM Spectrum Virtualise™ technologies, IBM Storwize offers feature-rich, affordable storage solutions for the cognitive business looking to grow and thrive.

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IBM Storwize V3700

IBM Storwize V3700 benefits

Proven Storwize ease of management, functionality and interoperability

  • Ease of use: The new generation GUI and point-and-click system management capabilities offer easy-to-use data management
  • FlashCopy®: Creates instant copies of data for back up or application testing
  • Thin provisioning: Support business applications that need to grow dynamically, while consuming only the space actually used
  • IBM Easy Tier®: Delivers better performance while controlling costs
  • Internal virtualisation: Helps you quickly respond to changing requirements
  • Non disruptive migration: Speeds implementation and minimises disruption
  • IP replication: Reduces remote mirroring costs with innovative network optimisation
  • Turbo performance: Increases system maximum IOPS and maximum throughput


IBM Storwize® V3700, built with IBM® Spectrum Virtualise™ software, is an entry level disk storage system designed with sophisticated capabilities unusual for a system of this class. It offers efficiency and flexibility through built-in thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration of data from existing storage.

Built upon the innovative technology in the Storwize family, Storwize V3700 addresses block storage requirements of small and midsize organisations at an affordable price.

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IBM System Storage DCS3700


  • Gain fast, highly available, dense storage capabilities at an affordable price
  • Deliver simplified data protection management and automated recovery with Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP)
  • Improve backup and restore capabilities with enhanced IBM® FlashCopy technology
  • Achieve solid uptime, massive scalability and green efficiencies
  • Help optimise the flow of large, file-based data while retaining ease-of-data access
  • Leverage multi-level data protection using a mix of replication features
  • Ensure data integrity with support for the T10 Protection Information (T10-PI) standard
  • Leverage management expertise built into intuitive and powerful storage management software
  • Help optimise the flow and management of large, file-based data while retaining ease-of-data access when combined with best-in-class IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS)
  • Achieve superb serviceability and easy installation with front-load, 12-drive drawers that can be extended while the drives remain active, allowing for individual drive replacement without affecting the operation of other drives
  • Utilise multi-level data protection with IBM Enhanced FlashCopy, Volume Copy and optional disaster-recovery features across Fibre Channel or IP networks
  • Save energy costs today and tomorrow by deploying a high-density enclosure, power supplies designed with multiple efficiency standards and variable-speed fans
  • Reduce overall operation and acquisition costs with mixed host interfaces that support IBM DB2 Administration Server and storage area network tiering
  • Support low-power, highly reliable and high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs).


The era of big data is here, driven by the need for more data and faster data access. Low-latency performance in applications such as real-time business analytics, life sciences research, rich-media entertainment, weather forecasting, social media feeds and stock market transactions require high-performance storage architectures.

In addition, today’s organisations need ways to improve operational efficiency while maintaining the same data centre (DC) footprint, quality of service (QoS) and high availability (HA).

The IBM System Storage DCS3700 storage system is ready to meet the challenge. Designed for applications with high performance streaming data requirements, DCS3700 offers optimal space utilisation, low power consumption and high performance.

By combining proven IBM storage controllers with up to 60 drives in just 4U of rack space, DCS3700 can reduce operational costs for capacity-intensive applications.

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