IBM Systems Rental


Buying new hardware is not always the right solution for a business.  We bet you never thought we’d say that!

At Maxime Solutions we know that customers sometimes need extra capacity for short-term projects, but the potential cost of acquiring new kit can seem prohibitive.  That’s why we offer mid-range Computer Systems Rentals.

Our Computer Systems Rentals service is completely tailor-made and we can accommodate terms from a single week to a year and beyond. For even greater flexibility, rental agreements can be converted into ownership at any stage with attractive discounts.

Hardware rental can be of particular value in a whole range of situations.  These include:

  • Hardware evaluation
  • Software testing
  • Seasonal workload increase
  • Try before you buy

If you require older hardware, we have legacy systems in stock dating all the way back to 1993, including both AIX and iOS operating systems.

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Our people.

Our team are all highly experienced in IBM technologies, from configuration to support and maintenance.

They are all accredited, helpful and motivated for your success.