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Vicky Watts


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Vicky Watts
Vicky Watts

What I have done…

I started working part-time at a care home when I was aged just 15 and continued when I left school.

The role was very rewarding and it was brilliant to know that the job you were doing made a real positive difference to peoples’ lives. I think that sense of organisation and care comes in handy with what I do now.

What I do now…

I’m in charge of the logistics for Maxime Solutions and sister company MKT Computers, which means I’m constantly busy! We have customers right across the globe, so things can be demanding. I arrange transportation of goods, ensure packing is done correctly and safely, and follow up make sure everything arrives as promised.

I’m also in charge of our eBay shop which means arranging photography, managing product uploads and getting equipment sent to successful bidders. As an aside, I am a fully qualified forklift operator – and can drive it much better than the men here!

What I do for fun…

When I was a kid I learned to tap dance and used to take part in all the shows and performances. There’s not a lot of call for it as an adult, but I never miss a chance to put my skills to good use and show off!

Every year there’s a charity ‘tapathon’ and I love taking part. I enjoy socialising (we’re in IT, so that means the pub) and love spending time with my young son.

What I bring to Maxime…

Logistics might sound boring, but getting goods to customers is probably the sharp end of the business.

I’m proud that we have a great reputation for being prompt and delivering on our promises, and I like to think that’s down to my caring nature.

Our people.

Our team are all highly experienced in IBM technologies, from configuration to support and maintenance.

They are all accredited, helpful and motivated for your success.